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Productions Currently in Development

The Placeholder - 

A middle aged man tries to navigate relationships. 

*Western Short*

- A poor farmer is chased by bandits on his way home.

A currently untitled western short planned for summer 2024


- The true story of Olive Oatman, who survived an attack that killed her            family and was taken to live among the Mojave in the mid 19th century.  

An ambitious feature film, the passion project of Josh Oatman. This film will likely take several years to complete.  

 Past Productions


- A family's temporary stay at an old farm house takes a terrifying turn. 

Filmed at an old farm house in Amaranth, Ontario, this short film stars Josh Oatman, Kelly McDowell, Alexandria Fuzekas, Desmond Baxter, and Andrew McDowell. Currently in post-production, it was Directed by Alex Caucean and filmed by Nick Rose. Some fun practical FX were employed to create chilling scenes in this truly haunted house.  


- Music video for Josh Oatman's song "I'll Wait For You" 

I'll Wait For You

A quickly shot, simple music video.


- Music video for Josh Oatman's song "Alone" 

A quickly shot, simple music video. 


Music video for Josh Oatman's song "Haunted" 

Music video starring Siobhan Richardson and Felipe Ormeni, with Josh Oatman, Gord Turner, Brandon Peebles, and Sheldon Bozec. Filmed in Shelburne and Melancthon, Ontario this video was unfortunately never released. 

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