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As a teenager, Josh started his acting journey making short films with his friends. This led to a lifelong interest in film and theatre. He was first trained as a stunt performer. He later joined a local community theatre group becoming Vice President of the group. Josh was a founding member of an entertainment company where he co-wrote, directed, and acted in several murder mystery dinner shows and variety shows. He has acted in several short films, two documentaries, and an episode of a true crime show.  

Film/Television Resume

Scammer Mechanic.              Dad                                  Paradigm Studios

Mother Behind the Screen  CPS Officer                     Paradigm Studios

Checkmate Karen                  Bouncer                             Paradigm Studios 

Close Call                            Student                             Paradigm Studios 

Amarantos                         Jason/lead.                         Josh Oatman Productions

The Calming Water              Boat Crew                          Filmmetry 

An Unexpected Killer.         Det. Barrett.                .     Our House Media 

Search Out the Land.          British Soldier.                 Historical Film Studios

The Bruce                          Sir Francis Bond Head.       Lock 3 Media

I'll wait for you.                 Singer                                Josh Oatman Productions

Christmas PSA                 Chad Johnson                     Alex / Humber college

21 Jump Street (swede)        Deputy Chief Harding.         Zoe / Humber college

Alone                                Singer                               Josh Oatman Productions

Haunted                             Singer                               Josh Oatman Productions

Theatre Resume 

Crew Resume 

Grease                            Teen Angel                         Orangeville Music Theatre

What's Love Got to do      Father, Dancer, Singer.       Troupe Adore 

     With It 
Hollywood Christmas.       Ensemble                             Troupe Adore 

Haunted Musical.             Dean                                   Troupe Adore   

    Murder Mystery

Wild West Musical           Sheriff                               Troupe Adore 

    Murder Mystery

Storm Warning.              Jack Forrester.                     Troupe Adore 

Halloween Musical          Host                                     Troupe Adore

    Murder Mystery  

Murder Mistaken.            Edward Bare                         Tipling Stage Company

The Trouble With.          Kenneth Miller                       Tipling Stage Company


Spamalot                       Sir Bedevere and more           LP Stage Productions

But Why Bump Off.       Jeff Barnett.                        Tipling Stage Company  


Little Red Riding Hood   Ensemble                               Tipling Stage Company

Various episodes                         Key PA / B-Cam Operator        Paradigm Studios 

Amarantos                               Writer.                                      Josh Oatman Productions

The calming Water                    PA.                                           Filmmetry

I'll Wait For You                        Director                                   Josh Oatman Productions

What's Love Got to do                Writer/co-director.                  Troupe Adore 

     With It 
Hollywood Christmas.                 Writer/co-director                    Troupe Adore 

Haunted Musical.                        Writer/ Director/props/ FX/      Troupe Adore                          Murder Mystery                            Fight Choreographer

Wild West Musical                      Writer/ Director/ Weapons       Troupe Adore 

    Murder Mystery

Alone                                         Director                                   Josh Oatman Productions

Halloween Musical                      Co-Writer/Co-director                Troupe Adore

    Murder Mystery  

Gaslight                                     Lighting/Sound                         Tipling Stage Company 

Barefoot in the Park.                 Lighting/Sound                          Tipling Stage Company 

The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis.    Lighiting/Sound.                       Tipling Stage Company

     McCauley Fishing Derby  

Spamalot                                    Sword Maker                             LP Stage Productions          Secrets of a soccer mom              Director/Lighting/sound.            Tipling Stage Company

Haunted                                      Director/Cam op                        Josh Oatman Productions

Melissa                                        Driver/PA                               Ravavilad















Download Josh's Acting Resume 

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